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What others are saying about Jen...


"I'm a member of the PFO family because of one main reason: Jen Band's TEDx Charlotte presentation. The passion, energy, and focused drive bottled into that speech ignited a spark in me. I't is now a full-fledged flame."

- Derrick H.



"Jen Band is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. After hearing many a speech given by Jen, I am always left feeling empowered and like I have every opportunity to change the world. Her confident and personal speaking style is something to be admired, and her ability to engage people so effortlessly is a rare gift. I cannot wait to be present at another one of her speaking engagements in the future!"

- Anna G.



“Jen does an extraordinary job of bringing people together with her words. Her leadership has helped me to become a better leader myself. Marrying humor with care and passion, Jen is a blessing to hear deliver a message.”

- Malcolm H.


"As a captivating coach and motivational facilitator Jen Band introduced me to something that would change the way I viewed myself and my contribution to the world; the leadership compass. She explained the compass in a way that helped me to understand how I am perceived as a leader by others and how I can approach those who lead differently than me in a way that ensures effective teamwork. I would recommend that anyone who is serious about growing as a leader take this training, with Jen as the facilitator."

- Hannah H. 

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