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Leadership Compass

5 critical questions leaders need to be asking:


1) WHAT is my current level of self-awareness?


2) WHEN do I feel most successful?


3) WHERE does my frustration button get pushed?


4) HOW do I meet other people where they are?


5) WHY do I behave the way I do?




If you are ready for your group of emerging or established leaders to answer the above questions, then the Leadership Compass is your next workshop.


Based in Native American culture, the Leadership Compass is an opportunity for leaders to look more closely at who they are, so that as they serve, they do so from a place of compassion, drive, and a deep level of awareness.


Years of leading the Leadership Compass has shown me again and again just how powerful of a tool it is. Light bulb after light bulb goes off for participants as they gain a deeper understanding of their leadership style and how it relates to others. The accessible content, easy language, and straight forward approach make it a workshop that stays with you long after the faciliator has left the room. At the end of the workshop, every single person is able to answer the "5 critical questions leaders need to be asking". 


I truly believe it is hands down one of the most powerful tools to support emerging and established leaders. 


Let's have a conversation about whether this is fit for your group!


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